Write Out Loud: Howl With The Wolves & Set Your Soul On Fire

By Ulli Stanway

You must follow the yellow brick road
You must do what has been done before
You must follow experiences of others
You know this can’t be done
Why should your dreams ever come true?

You don’t know a thing about how to do this
It has been tried before; all have failed
You are not good enough
Why would anyone care for what you have to say?

One can’t change the world
You don’t have the right ideas
You don’t think things through
It’s going to cost too much
You don’t have enough time
You are strange

Yet, inside you there is this feeling
Deep down in the space you don’t talk about
It talks of strength, love and adventure
It asks of you to ride dragons
It knows you have been to Hogwarts many life times ago

This voice that wakes up at 3am, when all is asleep
You can feel your heart beating in your throat
Like never before
You get up and lift your tired bones out of bed
Your hands begin to write in words you have never heard before
You are the creator of new lands and discover the language of unicorns

Your heart flies with the phoenix and together you land on sandy beaches of unknown worlds
The more you write the more this voice becomes alive
It wishes to tell you about all the untold stories you must create
You have yourself to rescue
You dance a wild dance with your ink stained pen
Words come out of nowhere, just to settle softly on your paper
So you write and write
Night after night
Day in and day out
You leave the self-doubts behind and create
Just for you
You are writing your precious soul alive
Rebirthing all that you thought was lost
Your sleepless dream is finally coming to an end
Your eyes open up slowly and for the first time in a very long time you see you
The truth of your creative reflection shines through the illusionary matrix of reality

So pick up your pen my love, you have a new story to tell to us
And only you can tell it
Don’t listen to the limitations of others any longer
We need you
We need your stories
You will find a tribe of wild ones who will follow your calling
Howl with the wolves and set your soul on fire
Pick up your pen and fly my darling
Be you, be all of you

Write. Out. Loud.

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