by Lisa Marguerite Mora POETIC JUSTICE

Release The Reins & Grasp Nothing


By Lisa Marguerite Mora


A little hoof print of a moon, stamped in the night above our heads.
I want to take a photo. Want to preserve it and everything else.
But the orb pulls us this way and that, so I open my hands,
allow threads of the night to move
across my palms and through my fingers.

Release the reins. Grasp nothing.

Embrace it all.

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Lisa Marguerite Mora

I think grief changes us and if we've had a lot of it in a short period of time it takes our vitality before it gives it back, because as we learn to walk with the losses, it deepens our experience of life. And I like life, and to write (one novel under my belt and a bunch of poetry) as well as help other writers. My favorite places to do anything is by the ocean, in the woods, or between the pages of a book. Contact me at

  1. Beautiful poem Lisa! Saying so much in a tiny space.💜

  2. Susan laguna

    Dear Lisa, Will read again & will comment again.
    I love your writing.
    Love susan Laguna ~∆

  3. Wonderful… Thanks! Beautiful moment in a deep pool
    looking at your searching heart looking into ours.

  4. Love it my dear friend !!! Perfect !!

  5. So so beautiful

  6. “A little hoof print of a moon, stamped in the night above our heads.”

    love this line forever.

    A poem that fills life to the brim in a saki glass.


  7. Beautiful! I can feel the moment in your words.

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