An Ode To The Rising Wild Woman


By Tanya Markul aka Thug Unicorn

She was born to be different, to be wild and rebel.
She was born to create magic, to remove the f*cking veil.

With broken wings, she soars.
Through a tattered heart, she roars.

Raised by wolves, she’s suffered the whole.
Yet rises everyday, and prays to her soul.

She’s the shadow dancer, shape shifter, and cunning dream weaver.
She’s the innocence, the wanderer, the truth serum and siever.

In her pocket, there’s an army of iridescent love.
In her hair, 10,000 feathers, and one silver dove.

She’s leading this epic battle, this last good fight.
She’s the one who’ll take us home, from darkness to light.

From waning to life.

Also published on Thug Unicorn.

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Tanya Markul

Luring the magic of what is natural back into our daily lives, Tanya Markul is a freer of creativity, of inner beauty + power, and an enthusiastic igniter of joy, laughter & the wild spirit! She's a fairy godmother, a creative midwife & unedited storyteller. AND SHE’S ON A MISSION TO OUT YOUR PERSONAL MAGIC! Tanya is an artist of life, a faery of trees, a wanderer of the dark, a writer of heart, and a rebellious yogini. She is the mama & creator of The Urban Howl (you are here), and Thug Unicorn. Join Tanya on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Be alerted when her NEW BOOK is ready here and get her almost weekly, always free sparkle-infused newsletter here. Email her anytime at

  1. tamifabulous

    Tanya, you rock, girl. I felt myself in that poem, and in the others, and this is the first page where I’ve really felt the freedom I’ve been searching for – for so long and thought I might never find it…my tribe – where I feel comfortable and fit in, and am liked & accepted for who I really am. And I do have magic…
    All I can say is that poem could have been written for me. Thank you!

    • Tanya Markul

      Awwwwwwwww, welcome, lovely! So grateful we found one another! There’s nothing like the feeling of coming home. Bam! Love and sparkles and to our magic, Tanya XOXO

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