By Brigid Hopkins WAKING WILD

Get Mad, Say No & Turn Your Tears Into Wild Woman Flames


By Brigid Hopkins

She Turned Her Tears Into Flames

I know a girl
Maybe you do too
That is sensitive to this world
Cries four times a day
Trying to flush away
The energy
That oppress
And circumvent
Her joy
They don’t know that’s what they’ve done
Moving mindlessly
And on the run
She sees it, feels it
It clings to her cells
So confused and weighed down
By the hells of society
On a day she may not recall
She said fuck it all
And got mad
She started saying no
And go away
Making every minute in her life
Adhere to the way
She wanted to breathe
Feel and live
It wasn’t selfish
It was her survival
It had to be
Not one more minute or tear
Could hide her fear
She had to face it
With her voice
That was the only way
Stoking the heat
From deep beneath
Her tears
Giving sparks
The Wild Woman
Burning away
The fears
Birthing the

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends Women Who Run with the Wolves.

Background from white paper texture.


Brigid Hopkins

Brigid greatly enjoys supporting her clients in finding clarity by reclaiming their power and listening to their souls. She intuitively accesses multiple healing modalities including Shamanic and Practical Reiki, Chakra Wisdom. Much of her healing journey has been informed by her quest to heal herself from her own childhood traumas, purposefully reconstructing herself piece by piece. When she is not caring for her three free-range children, or supporting her clients, you may find her exploring the northeast Ohio shoreline, immersed in the deepest forest she can find, painting, writing or practicing contemplative photography.

  1. This is beautiful Brigid. Well done, vivid, and crafty. <3

  2. Deep down we all can relate to this beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing it is magnificent.

  3. Thank you for this! Yes! All of us sensitive souls can relate! Bring on the fire!

  4. Tanya Markul

    THIS is amazing! Thank you for sharing your magic and medicine here! Can’t wait for more! XOXO

  5. Wow, Brigid! This totally speaks to where I find myself now (struggling under the weight of it all), and where I am trying to work my way to. Thank you! ❤

  6. Brigid Hopkins

    Alexis, big love to you! Blessings on your journey. ❤

  7. Tammy Wekerle

    You rock girl! Taking care of you, taking the steps that needed to be taken and sharing your lessons like bread crumbs to follow for others along the path. You are a warrior, a leader and an inspiration. xoxox

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