By Shannon Crossman POETIC JUSTICE

Lost Girls Are Forever Finding Themselves


By Shannon Crossman

Lost girls are
forever finding

Seeking behind
hedges, under
beds, over
the tops of trees.

They complain
vociferously of
what’s missing and
bemoan the endless
seeking as if
it is some
painful chore
to discover once
more the continent of
one’s own belonging.

Lost girls
jangle and clash
all akimbo
inside their own
skin. Home
an unfamiliar word
on their tongues that
melts all snowflake-like
and leaves them

Lost girls
know longing as
that perfect
sized slipper sliding
over foot that still
trips them up
forever wondering
if some essential
instructions were not
passed down to them.

Lost girls are
always finding
until one day
belonging comes
home to nest
in their heart.

Finally, they know
the vastness of it all.
Find rivers that quench
the deepest thirst.
Discover rule books
are useless when one
is trying to Become.

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Shannon Crossman

Shannon Crossman learned the hard way that untapped creative energy casts a helluva shadow, so she crafts her sanity with her hands daily. Nothing excites (or frustrates) her more than a blank page, fresh ball of yarn, or pile of foodstuffs - all waiting to be transformed into bits of deliciousness. Words are, and have always been, her way back home. She is a writer, artist, technical wizard, public speaker, witch, priestess, gluten free baker, time-bender, and COO who happens to possess a degree in Transpersonal & Somatic Psychology. She's a mama and grandma to a gaggle of wild girls who make her heart happy. When she's out in the business world she's figuring out how to make things faster, more efficient, and automating the hell out of sh*t. Shannon still believes in magic, craves the ocean like a land-locked mermaid, and dreams of a life without shoes.

  1. Tanya Markul

    You are so magical. Thank you. XOXO

  2. I love how true, simple and timeless this piece is. Shannon’s freedom and elegance with words shines again!

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