By Brigid Hopkins HOLY FIRE

She’s Tired Tilling The Old Ways Of Her Garden — She Is Enough!


By Brigid Hopkins

She’s tired tilling the old ways of her garden; she is enough!

There’s a voice growling
From inside her chest
Tired of pretending
A game of how to impress
She was bred to satisfy
The whims and needs
Of others
She’s had enough
Broken heart
From the very start
Life unsettled
Gasping for air
No one showed care
Did they know she was there
She’s had enough
A pawn in another’s game
Walking, running away
Wasn’t enough
She pleads to be supported
Her needs more important
Create a new way
She’s had enough
Time to satisfy her hearts
Pulling out the arrows of other’s wronging
It’s a new start
Writing a new story
She rises in her glory
Burning all that kept her bound
To a false expectation
Not of her own ground
She is enough
Brimming with pride
Desires, she put to the side
Are rife for the pleasing
Her terms
No explanations

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Brigid Hopkins

Brigid greatly enjoys supporting her clients in finding clarity by reclaiming their power and listening to their souls. She intuitively accesses multiple healing modalities including Shamanic and Practical Reiki, Chakra Wisdom. Much of her healing journey has been informed by her quest to heal herself from her own childhood traumas, purposefully reconstructing herself piece by piece. When she is not caring for her three free-range children, or supporting her clients, you may find her exploring the northeast Ohio shoreline, immersed in the deepest forest she can find, painting, writing or practicing contemplative photography.

  1. Absolutely! You are enough and magnificent at that! Anyone who doesn’t cherish you and honor you as the Queen you are shouldn’t be able to kneel before you! You are awesome, never forget it! I love you! Keep on shining, Sister!

  2. Tanya Markul

    This is absolutely gorgeous! High-vibrational voltage! Thank you! XOXO

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