By Aliza Gerritt HOLY FIRE

The World Does Not Benefit From You Hiding Your Bad-Assery


By Aliza Gerritt

Cosmic Olympian

I used to say;
I am “humble”.

I used to say;
I am “nothing” but a “vessel”.

I used to say;
I am “just” a “conduit” for Source energy.


Fuck All That.

It doesn’t feel: authentic, aligned or accurate
to willingly
minimize my magic.

It doesn’t serve my cosmic divinity
to negate
my fearless

in the flesh.

In this perfectly, imperfect body form:
I can do whatever I want,
whenever I want,
for as long as I physically roam
this dimensional plane of existence.

I choose:
to dedicate my waking human experience to humanity,
and all of creation.

I choose:
to diligently walk the path I chose alongside my Creator and cosmic guides
before arriving on this majestic planet.

I choose:
to devotionally practice and train, hard.

Day and night,

to eat, sleep, shit the path with my third eye on the prize.

a Cosmic Olympian.

Does my unyielding commitment provide:
trophies, medals, awards, accolades, paid endorsements and media attention?


Au contraire.

All things real,
my fervent efforts frequently produce 
illusive sensations,
including but not limited to:
frustration, anxiety, inadequacy, unworthiness
a plethora of ridiculous and profane conversations with the Universe.

So why do I choose to rinse, wash, repeat?

I choose to show up;
and over,
and over, again
to unite
with my highest self,
guides and Creator

I AM here to honor an ancient and sacred contract.

no one
made it to the top of their game
by quitting
when shit got rough, tough, real and raw.

I fiercely accept my mission.
I conquer perceived challenges.
I raise the bar
I supersede the goal.

I used to say a lot of things which
unintentionally and unknowingly
my sacred endeavors.

Never again.

I AM a Cosmic Champion of Epic Proportions.

a Cosmic Olympian.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment.

"They don’t understand that if you could do this you would have done so. But you can’t do that because healing takes time. Getting your head above water is an intricate process of picking your way through the depths, gathering the treasure hidden in the shadows, and taking it back with you as you rise." —Leanne Chapman of @leannegchapman #MINDRISE Read more: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @tanyamarkul @thugunicorn Image: @yung_pueblo


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Aliza Gerritt

Aliza Gerritt is an Alchemist, Catalyst, Educator, Entrepreneur, Empowerment Architect, Writer and Visionary. She is passionate about educating, empowering and inspiring all sentient beings to consciously, confidently and creatively reclaim: vibrant health, balanced well-being and radical self-love. Aliza seamlessly weaves her quest; ancient teachings, innate wisdom, intuition, metaphysics, mysticism, sacred and universal truth into an eclectic tapestry of yoga as a lifestyle. Aliza is universally recognized as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Therapist, esteemed Multi-Dimensional Healer|Shamanic Reiki Master and a Certified Nutritional Therapist. Connect with her via Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Tanya Markul

    YES!! Love this!! Happy New Year, Aliza! High Blessings, sister! XOXO

  2. Ronda Hipshman

    I LOVE you for your WORDS, I LOVE you for who you have become…NO, who you ARE.
    I LOVE that you provide insight, guidance, and knowledge to those of us in need. YOU are truly a ‘Cosmic Champion of Epic proportions’ and I am blessed to be your ‘student’.

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