By Brigid Hopkins MOONS & STARS

Stop Banging Your Head: Kill Your Old Beliefs & Choose A Life Undefined By Others


By Brigid Hopkins

What is this I see
A reflection of parts of me
Do they still fit
Am I equipped to let them be
Venus is rewinding
Just in time for the world to see
What is it they most want to be
Killing the clocks of 9-5’ers
Stop banging their heads
Living with dread of failing
Letting go of time
To follow one’s bliss
Into the great abyss
There’s no thread that can guide you
Or tick tock that will find you
It asks only for your hand
Lift your feet from the sands of anything familiar
Letting your hair blow in the breeze
Eyes glistening with surprise
For where you land
Is deep inside of your being
A place untouchable by another
Lover or
This is a place you are asked to go
Lay down your swords
And daggers
Let your hips sway and swagger
With the assurance
That this dance is meant for you
From blue to red
Getting out of your head
And rebirthing from the
Womb of the Great Mother

By killing away the beliefs you were living
Once a walker amongst the dead
You chose life instead
A life undefined by their wishes or definition
It’s your time to rise
Into the fertility of
The great mystery

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{image : @cutie_an}


Brigid Hopkins

Brigid greatly enjoys supporting her clients in finding clarity by reclaiming their power and listening to their souls. She intuitively accesses multiple healing modalities including Shamanic and Practical Reiki, Chakra Wisdom. Much of her healing journey has been informed by her quest to heal herself from her own childhood traumas, purposefully reconstructing herself piece by piece. When she is not caring for her three free-range children, or supporting her clients, you may find her exploring the northeast Ohio shoreline, immersed in the deepest forest she can find, painting, writing or practicing contemplative photography.

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