By Leahanne Woods Smith HOLY FIRE

Goddess Fires Growing — Transform Us To Angel Form


By Leahanne Woods Smith

Burn fires of transmission, calling signals, to the transforming of us to angel form.

Through the actualization factors of today, let her be seen.

Now is the time for her to submit claim to her truth in full.

In here we will know the way to guide ourselves and each other.

Past the limits we will go into the mystery to retrieve what is ours; to remember.

Sensing the flame of the opening of ourselves, our covenant forms. Bright pulsations flickering of our conversations occur.

Through the alchemy of the old passageways beginning to open, we cycle out.

In our circle forming we roam with child-like love and curiosity, with splendor & joy, with newfound contentment, and sometimes pain and tears from the stretching, from the remembering, we burn away the layers.

Down to the core we go, in through the out of. As represented in roots to the center of the earth, and the pyramid’s passageways, we are led down to the ancient one.

In silence she waits. She is present within each of us. She expands herself out into the space within the circles we build.

At first a spark of hope felt to find her again, now roars fires across all the land.

Everywhere and growing are the fires. Everywhere and growing are the circles to expanded life. Everywhere and growing are we!

We are recovering by burning away that which has covered our spirit.

With eyes, and sensory systems, through returning intuitive awareness we multiply.

We befriend our sisters and create an unstoppable roll of thunderous fire, so powerful yet so precise. Pinpointed incineration is routed to each layer until the heart is opened, and again we can see each other. Again, as we see ourselves.

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Leahanne Woods Smith

Leahanne Woods Smith is a creative force, who is either writing a song, a post, an article, a book, dreaming up her next women's workshop activities, or sensing her next chapter into fuller being. She is a fully awakened forty-three-year mom of two amazing sons. She is blessed to have been called to the role of caretaker of the elderly for the past sixteen years. She is a southern girl, mountain goat, recovering medicine woman remembering her ancient soul piece by piece. She is a shamanic pioneer forging ways for new freedom. She is an explorer of human behavior, an undercover agent of love, and a miracle stalker. She loves her own sex. She is a spiral of continuous wonderment encouraging others to soar to the sky with her.

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