Your Impenetrable Enoughness



Beautiful child
Created from the moon and the seas and love
Filled with magic and dreams and joy
You are enough

Your skin golden, pale, speckled or dark as the deepest night
Your knees knobbled, your toes long
Your nose curved, your lips bee stung
You are enough

Your legs short, your shoulders angled
Your smile lopsided, your face heart shaped
Your laughter loud, your voice deep
You are enough

You run fast, you count slow
You don’t like words, you day dream
You are introverted, extroverted, wild, quiet, popular, a loner
You are enough

You feel shame and disappointment
Anger and regret
Your heart breaks exquisitely and then breaks again and again
You are enough

You feel small and insignificant
Unheard, unseen and alone
Your courage falters and your fears embrace you
You are enough

You soar with wings of hope, triumph and purpose
Your laughter fills the spaces
Your intentions true and aligned
And you know you are enough

You show up as your authentic self,
Your vulnerability cloaks you
You love with abandon and you let yourself be loved without fear
And you know you are enough

There are times when you forget your enoughness
Times when others tell you that you are not enough
And even times when you feel like you are not enough

Your enough is not tied to, held by, related, connected to words, to feelings, to others, to failures, to successes
It cannot be weathered, broken, traded, stolen or given away
It is constant
You are always enough

Your beauty and kindness
Your empathy
Your conviction and strength
Cannot be measured – it is you
You are not becoming – you already are

You child of the universe
Made from the trees, the stars and the breeze
Go with love
For you are a wanderer, a map maker, a rebel
You are enough.

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Dream a little dream . . . photo : @bokehm0n . . . Seealpsee, Switzerland . . . #dreamyourlifeawake

Photo : @bokehm0n {Instagram}



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