Surrender To The Beauty And Lightness That Wants To Be Seen By You



I’m tired of hearing how we need to embrace the darkness within.

We’ve been drawn to the darkness since the dawn of time.

We’ve romanticised it, glamourised it, celebrated it.

The tormented artist, the misunderstood movie star, the depressed and suicidal writer — these have been our heroes for centuries now.

We’ve linked creativity to suffering.

We’ve accepted bad behaviour based on someone’s insecurities.

We’ve aspired and bought into the whole concept of pain purifying us.

. . .

I’m not trivialising anyone’s pain, anyone’s angst or disillusionment in their life.

I totally get that maybe your past was horrid.

I understand that bad things happen.

I know that pain…well, pain is pain and it hurts like hell.

I’m simply suggesting that the ways we’ve been attempting to deal with this, the ways we’ve been using to rid ourselves of this darkness doesn’t seem to be working so well.

Maybe, just maybe being light instead of heavy could be the answer.

Maybe focusing on what’s right for a day instead of wallowing in what’s wrong may bring you more joy.

. . .

More than that, maybe we need to simply allow ourselves to feel all the pain there is. Feel it in every cell of our body — feel it physically, mentally, emotionally — and then and only then, allow it to flow through us.

Let the rage come screaming out of us.
Let the tears flow freely.
Let us be wracked and wrecked by grief.
Let it flow THROUGH us.

There’s no need to embrace it.
There’s no need to keep it.
There’s no need to hold on to it.

Stop asking for a reason.
Stop searching for the meaning.
Stop using it as an excuse.

Name it.
Feel it.
Let it go.

Surrender to the beauty that does exist.
Give in to the lightness that’s attempting to be seen by you.
Dive into gratitude and appreciation.


Choose light over dark.
Choose happiness over righteousness.
Choose love over fear.

Try it. I mean what have you got to lose?

If I’m wrong, come back and pick up your burden.

If I’m wrong, then come back and collect your pain.

It will be right where you left it waiting patiently for you to shower it with your attention and with your certainty.

And if it’s not?

Well, you could try the Lost and Found department, but would you really want it back?

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