Why This Need To Blend Into A Normalcy That Doesn’t Exist


Who is your camouflage for?
What are you hiding from?
Why this need to blend into a normalcy that doesn’t exist?

We mask what is real
continuing to put on layer after layer
as we pretend to be something different.
Each skin remaining as a new one is donned over the top
and eventually, their weight becomes a burden too heavy to bear.
Immobilized by the cumbersome task of keeping up appearances,
but for whom?

Soon they begin to peel,
bursting and cracking after one too many have been applied
and they reveal mismatched layers of this facade you have created.
The original flesh is so deeply buried,
having not been allowed to be seen in so long
that when you have finally reached that precious layer, you don’t recognize it.
You discard it with the rest, forgetting to nourish this beautiful layer of truth.
So, who is your camouflage for?

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