Rest & Invite In The Darkness, Weary Traveler



Rest now, weary traveler.
Those jagged rocks over which your feet so bravely walked are now smoother,
for you have begun to create a path,
hands torn open from fighting and clawing their way up the mountainside.

Allow them to heal, ceasing their constant strain, so they may delicately and confidently hold the hand of another.
Heavy eyelids of one so determined to reach the goal, never lose sight of that deeply buried truth.

Invite in the darkness, no longer afraid of that intimate space within,
but finding contentment in its explored depths:
the labored breaths, the pounding heart.
Both are used to exerting themselves to the brink just to survive.

Inhale the sweet, abundant breath of life.
Inhale that which sustains you.
Inhale, effortlessly, the nourishment so craved by this beautiful vessel.


Now rest.

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Kathryn Jones

Kathryn Jones is a writer and a yogi living in Austin, Texas. Growing up as a gymnast, Kathryn learned how to use her physical being as a vessel to express her message. She tapped even further into those roots as she began regularly practicing yoga, noticing the movements of her practice often led to the idea and creation of written word. Kathryn’s writing is that of discovery and re-discovery, taking the time to listen and go inward to create work from a place of deep authenticity and truth. She hopes to encourage others to approach their truth with a willingness to be vulnerable, and that in doing so they will find strength. Fueled by coffee and kombucha, Kathryn can typically be found inverting on her yoga mat, riding her bike around the city, or being taken on a walk by her giant golden retriever. You can connect with Kathryn on Instagram.

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