Where Love Lives In Bloom




Yes, this world
is born in bliss
blooms in flowers
nurtured by kiss
sustained by touch
baptized in tears
love, let it live
forever in the
soft garden of
our hearts, go and
tend to the parts
that need healing
most of all, just
live live live
run mad wild free
through flower fields
I will meet you there


There are entire
constellations, whole
fields of flowers
weeks’ worth of
majestic seaside
sunsets, that cannot
compare to all
the light in your
eyes, the heat
when we kiss
the depth of your
soul, so beautiful

Where Love Lives

There are still
days to dawn
words to write
hands to hold
lovers to kiss
pain to heal
joy to feel
love to share
more to learn
less to care
what anyone
else may think
room to roam
words to write
so guide my hand
warm my heart
carry me toward
the Light, may it
always burn bright
from where Love lives

Come, Fly…

Oh, to make your
eyes catch fire
lips drip embers
soul take flight
the places we
could go
come, together
take my hand
fly with me
no telling where
or when
we touch down

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