{A Little Heart Prayer} May You Be Pushed Down The Unplanned Path Of Beauty


We are each born with it. A seed. A gift that we are given in order to live a life of inspiration, inspiring others to do the same.

It is up to us to cultivate, to create, to nurture… and then to wait.

A garden takes energy. A garden takes passion. A garden takes waiting. A garden takes patience… time.

As you dig deep into the depths of the nutrient-rich soil of your soul, may there be reverent darkness; may there be unexpected twists and turns around rocks and roots; only pushing you down the unplanned path of beauty beyond your wildest dreams.

As you continue to root down into the truth of your knowing and of your being, may you begin to experience that miracle that comes with the energy, with the passion, with the waiting, and with the patience.

May you begin to rise with light shining forth as you inspire the sun; living in your truth; spreading your seeds; leaving a resplendent garden in your wake.

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