Whole Soul Warrior


I am wild and wanton
I am caged and uptight
I do it all wrong then I get it so right
I fight and I flee and I roam and I moan
Then out of nowhere I feel my backbone

I curse and I spit and I cower in a mess
I look at myself and feel sexy in my dress
I shout and deliver my opinions ungraciously
I weep and I pray and receive grace so damn gracefully

Call me bitch or a whore; watch me melt on the floor
Say my choices are “bad“ or I’m Too this or Too that
Then watch me coil like smoke from an embering fire
As I rise up and rise up and you feel my desire

My desire that my heart and all it contains
Can be shared and its contents, hot like the flames…
burn up that judgment and reach new domains

That all of this…all of this…be loved and be cherished,
for I am not polarized but a wholehearted life-loving goddess unleashed

Unleashed in passion, compassion, and grace
even if I stumble and fall on my face

Let’s do this together and reach out from our hearts
and burn up that judgment and leave only love

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