tree water reflection nature


The trees hold stories with each ring; history and wisdom that will echo into eternity.

The water sings to us as she flows; constant and fluid without stopping to question.

The sun shines down upon us; even through the clouds; always there; an unbroken promise.

The earth holds and cradles us as we walk along her sacred ground as our feet gently kiss her for the first time


And again

And again.

Rebecca Eschenroeder

Becky received her 200 hour RYT under Arlene Bjork and Grace Yoga Training Systems in late 2009. She then obtained her 500 hour RYT through Om On Yoga under the guidance and wisdom of Jennifer Elliott. Becky made the conscious decision to dedicate her life to bringing her love of yoga, movement, and learning to all walks of life. Her ability to meaningfully connect with those she serves so selflessly arises out of her personal commitment and disciplined approach to deepening her own learning and practice of yoga, philosophy, and meditation. With a degree in Psychology from James Madison University combined with her Elementary Education License from Mary Baldwin College, Becky uses both her knowledge and experience from these disciplines to design yoga workshops, classes, festival offerings, and retreats that expand the senses, broaden the mind, and open the heart to what is truly possible.

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