It Isn’t Fear That Makes Us Contemplate Others Say, It Is Love


If every thought, we have is heard by the Universe…

Then what if every thought we have was heard by every other?

That the truth of all minds being connected, manifested in our current reality in each moment. The mask of the ego had disappeared leaving no place to hide. Authentic transparency became the name of the game.

Would we still choose to think the same sometimes unloving thoughts about others and ourselves?

The Universe boldly reminds — we can choose loving thoughts or not so loving thoughts. Choose thoughts of kindness and most will perceive you as kind. Even if they can’t hear your thoughts, your energy tells all. Or choose lesser thoughts and your world retracts, rather than evolving. Yet all of it will still cause you to awaken.

Be aware, that it is not fear asking you to contemplate every thought being heard by all others…

It is love.

A loving Universe offering another solution to a world caught in separatism and fear. It is love soothing a troubled mind. Love connecting with divine heart energy.

The question again. What if every thought was heard? Would that be enough to create world peace or war? If it really came down to that, would this be the ultimate incentive to choose all our thoughts with more compassion, kindness, and love?

Would we rise from our knees in loving embraces and joyful tears in our eyes, as we soulfully recognized each other and ourselves perhaps for the first time?

For it is the war within of varying degrees that we must first attend.

What thoughts are we all choosing to think now? In the next moment? And the one after that. What will it take to choose love as the first, second, and seventh choice? No matter what.

Remember that person walking towards you now, who you were quick to judge: the lonely old lady sitting on the park bench; the shop assistant you just had a misunderstanding with, an old lover crossing paths again with barely a smile. All are aspects of you, offering reflective guidance in rising above those not so good thoughts.

Allow awareness to be discerning about which thoughts you choose next.

Will you choose to offer love first and foremost?

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