Moonlit Blessings: May Its Glow Light The Way



May the moon watch over you,
Through your triumphs and your troughs.
May it ignite hope on an arduous journey,
Just so that you know to never give up.
May its glow light the way,
Extinguishing the shadows of self-doubt.
May it teach you transformation,
Through courage and patience.
May you be filled with its affirmation
and know that you are always loved.
May this silent guardian
Shepherd your bright soul’s growth.

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Sip a little more:

For I Am Storm Reclaiming My Crown

"Although judgements are valid, blame is not useful at this time. It can deter your efforts for clear seeing and drain your energy. Remain steadfast and rooted in your internal wisdom, gather great tenderness for everyone as the journey ahead is one that has not yet been defined. Keep your vibration high, stay open to receive guidance and be available for others. From within your heart know that you carry the same rhythm that is central to all of life. Remember your interconnectedness. For what is ultimately true will hold the vision for sustainability." —Andrea Maxine Frade of @practice_seeing_beauty #moonsandstars #weeklymoonmagic #howlforyourlife Read more:

@kayharr73 @ladypantzz @thugunicorn @dharmaunicorn


Avanya Manickum

Avanya Manickum is a wanderer and a playful soul who is still trying to get her footing about where she stands in this awe-inspiring world. She is greatly interested in forming deeper connections with all she encounters. She believes that, through connection with yourself and the world around you, you are able to see things more clearly. She is determined to live her life in a way that brings her happiness and freedom despite how unconventional it may seem. When she is not talking to trees or lost in her thoughts, Avanya can be found reading, on a nature walk, or simply being present in the moment.

  1. As a long time moon gazer I resonate deeply with your beautiful benediction Avanya. Thank you for this deeply soulful reflection. Your words are kindred with John O’ Donohue’s. I look forward to hearing more of your soul’s wisdom….

    All peace to you

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