Some Days My Heart Is Stone-Heavy



Holy Grail

Running scared before the wave,
global warming, drought, war.
How to allow slowing
into the breath you take,
the breath that takes you?

Mercy needs a moment
to open the door for Grace.
Until then we are gazelle,
leaping before the fire
burning the face of our world.

Some days my heart is stone-heavy,
drawing into the bowels of being
where feelings settle.

Others, I find high places
where stillness lays,
a shimmering cloth
over sunlit surfaces.

Each day I am held,
flesh and blood,
bread and wine,
holy grail of a body.

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Our definition of Magic: the energy, soulful action, heart-led manifestation, sincere creation, illuminated prayer, and healing power, that does no harm, but serves, respects and honours the healing of the personal and collective good . . . #magic #theurbanhowl




Lisa Marks


Lisa Marks MA LMHC had a dream that inspired a lifelong movement practice. Out of her journey arose Sentient Body Explorations®. Resting on the theoretical foundations of Process Work Psychology, Sentient Body Explorations demonstrate how subtle awareness and movement uncover information drawing us closer to our essential self and our soul’s purpose. Lisa creates safety, laughter and direction for this powerful practice of embodiment. Lisa is a Psychotherapist, Organizational Consultant, Process Work Associate, Sentient Body Coach and Soul Motion™ teacher. She loves exploring embodiment in relationship to the self, others and the planet that holds us. Trees and beaches in the woods and waters of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the Olympic Peninsula of Washington are her movement partners. Passionate about her spiritual and movement practices, gardening, hiking, and poetry, she can also be found performing with Yesango Marimba Ensemble.

  1. Marilyn Regan

    Yes…the up and down feeling of being alive turns us inside out. If we open to grace, it pulls us through.

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