Holding On When The Pain Of The Wanting Is Like No Other Pain



Visceral Longing

Would you mind if I told you that I was
Entirely desperate to lay with you gently
On the cool forest floor? To breathe in the
Wind that rustled the leaves on the
Maples and Pines and old Sycamores?
To hold you and kiss you and tell you the
Secret world that I knew of that we Could’ve explored?
To reach the sky in Your eyes and the
Wind in your beauty, Your angelic face I dreamed of before
I ever knew that you even really existed
When I wasn’t even certain what I was
Holding on for
And now that we seemed to have reached
This crossroads and my longings have
Been revealed as inherently flawed
Please take this with you: the pain of the
Wanting was like no other pain that I’ve
Ever felt before

Photo by whereslugo on Unsplash

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"The moon finds herself in the sign of Cancer as she peaks full on Thursday. This placement makes available the deeper-than-surface needs we all have to belong to something greater than ourselves, and our capacity to feel our way. The sign of Cancer embodies the one of us who seeks out and tends to our metaphorical home, driven by a deep vulnerability that is its central gift, and its primary challenge. Vulnerability is an asset when it keeps us open and receptive to the world, for being able to feel fully is what inspires us to take compassionate action. And yet when vulnerability overwhelms our system, it can give rise to feelings of victimhood, helplessness, codependency and blame . . . " —Laura Anne of @therhythmway #FULLMOON #QUEST ➵ The Urban Howl recommends QUEST - Practical Magical for Earth-Based Leadership: Read more: @kayharr73 @ladypantzz @tanyamarkul @thugunicorn



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