Embrace Your Truth — You Are Ready & Your Heart Is Glistening With Magic


What I am about to say is important
But only because it holds the truth
Your truth

You are not who they say you are
And you are so much more than you think you are
You are worthy of so much more

I know it seems scary
To acknowledge your own power
And uncurl yourself from that familiar fetal position
But this is your truth

Behind you are waves
Ready to bend at your will
Beneath you is the earth
Reminding you to stay firm in your stance
The stance that serves your core
This is your truth

You have the eyes of a dragon
And a heart glistening with magic
You are a kaleidoscope of emotion
A waltz of light and dark
You are the unrefined spirit
Constantly being transformed

You are the barefooted warrior
You are the nurturing queen
You are where depth and enlightenment meet
You’ve burned into wild flames
And you’ve dissolved into still lakes

You are the hum of energy that you feel
Through every fibre of your being
Dwelling in the vastness of all forms of strength

This is your truth
You are capable
You are ready
Embrace it with wholehearted sincerity
And live in your authenticity

Photo by ana larazzy from Pexels

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