With nature & in great servitude...

  • Tim Bjørn
    Graphic Design Mentor
  • Melina Paris
  • Courtney Quinlan
  • Kayla Harrison
    Editor & Twitter Maven


And, a special, loving thanks to Keely MilneJ.G. LewisKachina Mooney and Angela Skender for helping to build The Urban Howl home, and create sacred, playful space.

If you view life through the lens of magic and want to share your personal superpowers alongside other heart-activated, earth-connected, inner freedom fighters, big dreamers & intuitive energetic currents that are currently transforming the world, contact us at support@theurbanhowl.com.

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We spend a considerable amount of money, and hundreds of hours every month to keep the magic alive. If you appreciate what we’re holding space for, please consider making a small contribution of your choosing.

Thank you!


  1. thanks and hi – good to meet you. is there a place where I can review the bio and life mottos of various contributors? maybe that’s obvious, but not to me, right now!! also, I would like to and will make a (small) donation when I can and have completed a current mission. just telling you that, really, to anchor it in my brain.. very into supporting creativity… love, eva

    • Hi Eva – we’re putting together a list of our writers and change makers. Coming soon and thank so much for being here! With love & support, Tanya XOXO

  2. Awesome,Thankyou ,it’s the one love uni verse,let’s stay in touch,with it…..flow..blissings

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