Two Whiskey Rocks and Satin

You were a taste

A sip

That burned my lips, tongue, throat

Warmed my belly

Eased my anxiety

Precise in your seduction

You lured me in

A gentle tug here

A slow burn there

It’s been over five years since our first kiss

How I miss your sweetness

The sting of your dilution

Many affairs happened under

Your envious glare

The only mistress

They were nothing compared to you

I longed for you all day

Watching the minutes tick away

For our reunion

My devotion to my thirst of you

Has ruined my goals



Wasted away in dripping haze

Of this fantasy

I needed to be numb

You my sultry device

I’m sickened at the union we’ve made

All the women I’ve laid

Under your intoxication

I’m dependent

Your slave

That’s the craft that you were made

I want my dreams back

Minutes wasted chugging your poison

What was once a savored sip

Turned to clawing for the last drip

You’ve ruined my prestige

Now I’m diseased and ill

I’d still give most of it away

For one more swill of

Your burn.

Melina Paris

Melina Paris is a Southern California based writer. She blends her passion for writing and connecting people to their local community into pieces centered on food, the arts, and cultural events. Becoming a mother ignited Melina’s interest in wholesome, quality food. This motivates her to continuously educate herself in matters of food from a health and sustainability perspective which informs her restaurant reviews and other food-related pieces. A music lover, Melina enjoys covering various genres but it’s Jazz that really captures her heart. She is an avid Jazz fan and, in addition to attending as many live shows as she can, Melina worked at the Long Beach Jazz club Birdland West. Melina enjoys live music immensely and feels especially fortunate to have the opportunity to interview musicians while they are doing what they love. Melina strives to illuminate special qualities of the artists she profiles that their fans might not otherwise know about.

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