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11 Gorgeous Photos To Awaken Your Inner Mermaid

By Paige McFall

My photographs are the time keepers of my responses to the ordinary. The raw, mysterious, unfiltered, beautiful. The essence of what matters.

I photograph from a place that is much larger and beyond myself.

From this place, I share with you and invite you to join the wonderment of my journey.

Photo by Paige McFall Photography

Photo by Paige McFall Photography

Photo by Paige McFall Photography

Photo by Paige McFall Photography

“Change is inevitable, in every aspect of living. 
What remains and how we process the inevitable is a
beautiful and never ending mystery.”

—Paige McFall

“The Magic of life happens in between. What better place to feel the space, the silence, the mysterious, than in a photograph.” 

—Paige McFall


Photo by Paige McFall Photography

“And something ignited my soul,
fever or unremembered wings,
and I went my own way,
that burning fire
and I wrote the first bare line,
bare, without substance, pure
pure wisdom
of one who knows nothing,
and suddenly I saw
the heaven
and open.”

—Pablo Neruda

Photo by Paige McFall Photography

Paige has been published in LensCulture and National Geographic. She has been favourited numerous times by National Geographic’s ‘Daily Dozen’, has hosted international exhibits, and is currently working on even more inspiring, creative projects.

Enjoy more of her art and photography here.


Paige McFall

Paige Fulleton McFall is a self-taught photographer committed to finding the magic in the ordinary, the raw, mysterious, unfiltered beauty, and the essence of what matters. Originally from Wenatchee, Washington, Paige dedicated the first 30 years of her life to training and performing as a professional ballet dancer. She was a recipient of the Presidential Scholar in the Arts award and has danced for audiences throughout the world and collaborated with artists internationally. Following her dance career, Paige continued her artistic journey through photography where her children, and their honest expression of what matters, inspire her.

  1. Tanya Markul

    So IN LOVE with your view and expression. These photos are gorgeous. And real. Thank you, Paige! XOXO

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