{Watch} She Knows She Must: A Monarch Butterfly’s First Flight

by Maria Font

She knows she must.

I look at her and my lungs fill with a thousand necessary inhales and a thousand magical exhales.

What we place inside of our heart and mind matters. It is all fuel. Fuel to move our bodies. Fuel to move our hearts into deeper relationships with this world and our neighbouring Universe.

To make changes in the nugget of our soul is to understand that we are evolving, and with this comes the responsibility to observe the angles and digest the perspectives. Nothing here remains the same, and neither should we.

To stay open and observant to the self and its relationship with this evolving Blue Green Globe is our highest calling.

To stay stagnant is to give up your human right to move with this planet’s spin, not just on its axis but into its future and into a better understanding of who we are and why we are here.

In her few short weeks on this planet, she teaches me life, death, purpose, change, transmutation. She evolves her entire existence from crawling to flying. In her caterpillar heart she knows she must.

There is wisdom in instincts.

We too must continually develop awareness of our selves and our purpose on, and more importantly to, this planet.

Watching her fly away for the first time unhinged the wonder. I tapped into the stew of stars we are all made of, because this life extends way beyond flesh and bone. Life is a playground for our senses, a bubble where everything is intricately and poetically connected.

Maria believes that animals deserve the same dignified human rights that humans have. Heart + mind + needs = awesomeness, and we all share it, regardless of whether you have two feet, four paws, fins, wings or antennae. Enjoy more of her gorgeous artistry here.

butterfly on the nose of a woman