Follow Your Wildness

By Alison Nappi

It isn’t pretty. Ask anyone, anything, that has achieved aliveness while living. Ask the wolves worshiping the moon, tufted hair stained with blood under the chin. Ask the miracle about the anguish from which it emerged.

Ask the flying ones who drink nectar all day long, what it felt like to dissolve completely into a primordial stew, to be reborn—regal and wild—for a few short days. Ask them, and they’ll tell you: it was worth it.

The Wildness will remake you, again and again. It will spin the thread of your eternal life into whole galaxies, reflected in the shimmering silver light of a dark-bodied lake under a full moon. It will wrap your song around thumbtack stars, just to make the worlds complete. It will use your photon soul to light up the whole night sky.

When hanging on the side of a steep rock, hold your thread. When entering the jungle, let it go. Be the animal that wraps itself in animal skin, and move with grace and stealth. Listen for the heartbeat of the drums, and follow that. Listen for the screech the owl makes when it swoops. Listen for the squeal of its prey. And follow that.

Use your instincts. Smell the iron in the blood, the overripe blueberries at the edge of town, the dripping maple sap. Follow that.

The wailing in the chest.
The fire in the belly.
The howl stuck in the throat.
Pound your chest, and follow that.

Not getting lost, is not the only way home. Perk up your ears, and follow that.


Wildness Deck

The Urban Howl is honoured to support and share Alison’s potent medicinal creation and limited edition, The Wildness Deck

Her 44-card deck is howling for you to come home. 

Release date: September 24, 2016.



  1. Tanya Markul

    As always, powerful & medicinal articulation with SPIRIT. Thank you, Alison! Can’t wait to get my deck! So much love and gratitude. XOXO Aho!

  2. “Pound your chest and follow that” —> YES !! You are such a fierce priestess. Thank you for this reminder.

  3. Thank you Alison for prompting and reminding me that under all our skins the wildness is only a howl away. Blessings and I so look forward to getting my Wildness Cards

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