My Urban Moon Rising

By Melody Lima

With anxious energy I run up the subway steps into the street, emerging into Gotham. My love affair with the sights and sounds of the city still feels as enticing as the first week of a romance. My instant bliss washes over me like a lover sliding his arm around my lower back.

I feel a yummy euphoric tingling sensation throughout the day.

Today I am wondering, observing, dancing down avenues that nourish my soul with colours, aromas, music and textures. The endless creativity produced by those living in the urban jungle is rife with abandoned self-expression and adventure. There is constant desire to shout off skyscrapers your story, the sparkly, the gloomy and the unattractive. For a story unraveled reveals only the truest of truths.

Those who love and leave, those who win and lose, those who live and die, those who survive and struggle, those who paint and smear, those who write and read, the world is at their fingertips. With simply a step away, all dreams can come true or not. Uptown, downtown, east side, west side, every neighbourhood offers an authentic and unique reality to residents and tourists to experience a life like no other.

Some stay forever, while some observe through rose-colored lenses, seeing attractions of the quality of a pamphlet, to soothe the ordinary.

I saunter to the soundtrack blasting out at me. It harmonises with a chorus playing in my head. I absorb every drop of urban deliciousness. Crossing the threshold of concrete, I find my toes hugging grass. The tickle of delight shoots through me like electricity from a thunderbolt. I start to move with joy as my voice rises up to the moon.

The beam of light shines down upon me. The vast openness of energy is familiar, unmatched and effervescent. My heart opens as light fills it, I sing lyrics of love and loss, colour and words, travel and hearth. The rhythm of life bursts into the open sky filled of manmade diamonds above me.

I howl to my past, I howl to my future–I howl to the present moon.

She is, and forever will be, my guide. Here in the city, along the path my toes nestle in green gardens or as I skip down concrete avenues, she always hears me.

She listens with eyes open and a smile of acceptance. Her embrace fuels me with inspiration I cling to at my heart.

As the road unwinds and my story unfolds, I carry her love. She celebrates me, consoles me, encourages me and supports me.

I must keep her with me. I must howl to her.




Melody Lima shares her observations on and off the yoga mat; the narrative filled with movement (yoga teacher), words (writer), color (artist), texture (parenthood) and other experiences of discovery. She loves good scotch and peaceful debate, attempting to keep things mindful and not too cynical. Her words have appeared on Baristanet Family, Elephant Journal and The Tattooed Buddha. Join Melody on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Tanya Markul

    Sweetly written! I love that you are here, Melody! I’m howling with you!

  2. Thank you Tanya! I am thrilled to share my words in this space with friends I respect and cherish. Here’s to new friends, new words and new dreams. A howling we will go.

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