New Moon Solar Eclipse In Virgo: Calling All Priestesses

By Laura Larriva

Early in the pre-dawn hours, this new moon solar eclipse is an invitation to get closer to What Matters Most. Virgo is the sign of the priestess—the one who brings spirit into matter in order to celebrate it.

An Earth sign, Virgo wants to touch, to feel, to dance, and to steward the manifest while simultaneously seeing deeper into the world than is common in the village. She stacks all of her choices—how she chooses to move her body, whom she is in relationship to, how she moves through her day, by turning toward her greatest ally—the current of life force energy that animates and ensouls all things.

She does not take things at face value, but rather sees the divine everywhere, and knows how to evoke it. In this way she is truly one who is whole unto herself. She knows that what she chooses to pull through from the formless depths, is what is created here in tangible ways. She knows what she tends will bloom.

New Moons are the beginning of a cycle, and what is planted here can catch and grow in the waxing light to come. Solar eclipses block the force of the solar radiation enough to reset our consciousness here on earth. We have space to intend anew, and what we intend, we receive.

This is practical magic.

And the Priestess/Virgin of us knows this well. To be whole unto oneself and in stewarding life force energy we become active participants in the world we want to see. We step out of the victim aggressor paradigm rooted in power over structures and become co-participants with life herself.

This new moon solar eclipse, Virgo reminds us that not one of us is broken. We are all whole. We are all complete. We each have it within us the capacity to lean into the conversation and change things for the better.

The work then, is to remember…

So mote it be!

PS—If you call yourself a wild woman, read this.

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  1. Tanya Markul

    Wow! Thank you for this moon-empowered transmission, Laura! XO

  2. It is my birthday tomorrow. I have five planets in Virgo. I like this.

  3. This is divine Laura! Thank you for such magical new moon guidance. This: “To be whole unto oneself and in stewarding life force energy we become active participants in the world we want to see.” Yassss!! So damn delicious. X

  4. Not one of us is broken. Love it! Thank you Laura, will share xx

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