Rise & Remember You Were Born Of Wild Warriors

By Megan Gogoll

I was born of wild warriors.
Ancestry grips at my spine
like cracks of thunder.

I want to scratch out the
societal shackles
and breathe in wolves.

Let us bleed together
and float deep within ancient waters.

Bubbles of forbidden
ecstasy will rise to the surface,
and you will hear your name
called like never before.

A gurgling,
A rumbling of fire and coil and souls
Your whole self
will melt at the sound
and your eyes waken wide.

You don’t just hear it,
You remember it.

Like you have just now tasted
the elixir of life,
and the sweet form lingers on your lips
as proof.

Impress the gods with your newly lit reverence,
Rip that collar from its hinges
and bare your teeth.

You are amongst the heavens
and have inconceivable depths running through your bloodline.

Magic dances upon your tongue,
if you dare taste it.

Courageous beauty lies within your very heartbeat
That strong thud.

It is the birth of sunlight and sacred song.

Paint your skin and scream your truths,
Remember you were born of wild warriors.

Your skin is soaked in storms of battle
And your jaw clenches with buried roots.

You can swim with snakes or monks but livid light
will still course and crack through your backbone.

So rise.
Rise up now.

Bathe yourself in Mother Moonlight
and let her magic
trickle down your crown.

You are dripping in destiny,
You are shimmering in stars aligned.

Feast upon your fate.

Bite into it with hunger and lap at its juices.

You are here to devour this life.
Not wither and waste it.

Be brave.
Be bold.
Be baring.

Shed your skin from its shell
and colour the purity that pours forth.

Paint your wild truth everywhere.
Make your mark.

Ensure this place remembers youExhale-grab-promo-Copy
For you are worth remembering.

You were born of wild warriors.

Megan, The Anxious Poet, is the author of a 70 page e-Book, a four-part guide on all matters of Anxiety. Get your copy here.