Unfiltered Nature & Seven Must Read Musings By Shaman

By Jonathan Horwitz

“Cool my feet. They are tired.
But do not quench my thirst –
for I long to to drink
from this source
all my days.”

“What is more precious than a day of Life?
What is more precious that your breath?
We have watched each other
For many days, many breaths
Seeing your eyes, looking or not into mine
Your smiling, your tears
The way you lift your fork
Or walk through the doorway
Every glance a look of Love
This is how it has been to be with you.
Every ‘good-bye’ is a blessing
Every ‘good-bye’ is a death
And every death is another threshold into Life.
When you turn around, I will be gone.
And when I turn to look over my shoulder
You will have disappeared.
Where are we?
We are here.”

Photo: Jonathan Horwitz

Photo: Jonathan Horwitz

“Was this a good year? Was it hard?
Yes, when I think back, sometimes it was not easy,
the mud was thick, heavy on my boots
and each step took all my strength.
But sometimes Life flowed like a brook in the forest
one splash of water more impatient
than the next to reach the sea.
Tomorrow it might rain or it might not.
But right now I’ll just sit here and feel
the Wind in my hair, the Sun on my face,
and the Earth beneath my feet.”

“What’s that over there?
I’ll find out –
if that’s where
my path leads me.
But for now
I’ll just stay
On my path.”


Photo: Jonathan Horwitz

“We can only take one step at time.
When we try to take more we stumble.
It’s very simple, really.
Remember your clear intention and your path will open up before you.”


Photo: Jonathan Horwitz

“The surface is the surface.
It is beautiful – or not.
But it is the surface.
If you want more
you must go deeper.”


Photo: Jonathan Horwitz

I will open my heart to the brightness of sunrise
and to the cold of a rainy night.
I will feel my feet on the earth
and drink in the air around me.
I will accept confusion when I find it in my heart
and remember to ask what it would show me.
I will trust the strength of my experience
and remember it is mine and not others,
and I will keep the door open for new experiences to enter.
I will ask for help before I feel helpless
and accept it from unexpected directions.
It’s a big world and I’m standing here –
the most beautiful place to be –
And I will open my heart and remember who I am.

Featured image: Jonathan Horwitz

Jonathan has been working with shamanism since 1972, and in 1986, he co-founded the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies.

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