Three Magical Love Spells With Meghan Currie

By Meghan Currie

This is something very fundamental to be understood:

“Life in its very essence is insecurity.
While you are protecting yourself, you are destroying your very life.”

Incantation I: I am a simple, natural love.

I see that love is very simple.

To experience love, we may have to soften and let some manmade complexity melt away. Then what is left is the love we have always been searching for.

Love is the buzz of all mother nature. The warmth of the sun. The crystal light of the moon. The humming genius of the body harmonises with the frequencies of the natural world, always reflecting the love of the universe.

Love is simple. Let yourself feel what is simple. Simplicity is the porthole to the highest love.

I love you
The love is here all around
Its whispers are heard
When the other man made noises are turned down
Shut your eyes
Listen to the ground
The love is here
Whispering all around

Incantation II: I am the love I’ve been searching for.

The somebody we want and look for… is you. Love you — love yourself all up. Honour your heart’s vision.

One’s Sweetest Heart Vision
Is that truth that we know that we know deep inside,
but we don’t know fully yet with logical faculties.
The one that we can feel like a spark that fires deep in our hearts,
But that cannot quite be put into words.
The one that calls us to turn left when we normally would turn right.
The one that whispers whole truth and speaks directly with Source.
When our heart vision is remembered and honoured, magic ensues.
The mind then finds a sweet humble place as the brilliant servant to something bigger than the self.

Incantation III: Sink into the synch of Nature.

It’s easier to understand to power of our thoughts and the ripple effects they have upon everything around us if we imagine being under water.

We can observe that with the slightest movement of our body underwater there is a ripple that travels outward. Even when completely still, there is the movement of breath that continues to create ripples.

But we can become so conscious of the breath, that we can create what I call “still breath”. This is when there is not one part of the breath that is done unconsciously, therefore the waters are left I undisturbed.

I practice this in the bathtub. I watch the ripples created by my breath and still them by pulling all of my presence into the entirety of each breath, and keeping continuity with the breath traveling internally along the deepest core channels I can connect to.

The stilling of minds ripples follows.

I get off on this stuff. I’m a dork like that. Because it teaches me about the reflective nature of all ripples of life. Helping me to see the conductions of “unseeable” life energies, such as though formations, more clearly.

Love Is The Buzz
Love is the buzz of all of Mother Nature.
The warmth of the sun. The crystal light of the moon.
The natural humming of the body.


Featured image: Hanna Witte Photography

Meghan is an international yoga teacher who has gone viral almost everywhere. Find her near the shore, in the trees and with an adorable face full of mango. Check out her magical heart-opening & activating training and retreats here.

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