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Channeling Creativity: 5 Ways To Reclaim Your Most Natural Resource

By Chantal Russell

“Your Suppressed Creativity is not benign…”
~Brene Brown

Whether you identify as a “creative” person or not, you are born a creatrix, here to move, respond, weave and participate in the unfolding of your life. Creativity is part of your innate wiring. If you suppress the natural nudge to create, it will metastasize as resentment or anger. Unexpressed desires and unlived dreams will lodge themselves in the crevices of your heart and body, creating uncomfortable aches, disguising themselves as anxiety, stress or depression.

Do not let these take root inside of you.

See, feel and respect these inner longings. Free yourself from the discomfort of misplaced power by reclaiming your creative spirit.

By creativity, I am not solely referring to your artistic abilities or peripheral playtime pursuits. Your creativity is the way you respond to life.  It is your natural aptitude to dream and envision a new way of being. It is the freedom to choose how to show up, how to view life, and the meaning you make out of it all.

Creativity is remembering that we are all born storytellers; we are the authors of our experience. It is the impulse to grow, to thrive and to flourish. We have survived and evolved as a species, because we were created to create.

If creativity is central to who we are, then it is also closely tied to our health and vitality. When we make space in our day to be creative for its own sake, we experience lowered levels of cortisol (stress) and higher levels of serotonin. We get high on being creative. It is not frivolous, on the contrary.

Being creative is at the heart of being vibrantly alive. Creating and witnessing beauty, in all its forms, is deep medicine. In our soul-parched society that values breadth over depth, we need to reclaim our innate creativity if we are to quench the thirst that guides us, and embody the well-being that is our birthright.

Choosing to channel your creativity is giving yourself permission to be who you really are. It’s reclaiming your sovereign power as a participant in your own, and in the universe’s creation story.

You can be creative in your nine to five job, your entrepreneurial project, or at home with the babes. The way you prepare and plate a meal, the way you make the bed, how you dress yourself and greet your partner, how you write the email and walk the dog, are all creative acts. We often get so focused on the desired results of what we’re doing, that we forget to be in the delight of the dance.

This is where true creativity lies, in the secret interior space of your experience.

Although we think of creativity as a form of self-expression, it is more an act of worship. It is the relationship you keep with your life force as she moves through your veins and invites you to interact with flare, to the various demands of your day.

It is the way you infuse presence into every breath.



So how do we become more deliberate about the unique, creative super power we each possess? Like building a muscle, creativity must be exercised for it to be strengthened.

Here are 5 ways to reclaim your most natural resource:

  • I Create- Let this be your mantra. Repeat it inwardly as you move through your day.
  • Be Spontaneous- Leave room for mystery to show herself. Don’t plan every second of the day. Keep some white space open and see what wants to arise, what wants to be born.
  • Trust your Intuition- It’s one of the ways your soul speaks to you, and being creative is super food for your soul. Pay attention to your dreams and desires. The soul will always desire that which will reveal its true nature. Creativity and soul do not move in linear ways, so it’s important to stay tuned in to feel for what needs to happen along the creative cycle and the soul’s journey.
  • Take Inspired Action- Bringing the invisible into the visible is what we (women) do best. Matter and mother come from the same root word, and matter matters, so follow through by tending to your intuitive nudges and dreams through action (i.e., write the book, dance the dance, have the conversation…keep in mind this might also mean, take the bath or the nap).
  • For the Love of It- “Delight in the process. Live and love the question,” as my dear friend Laura Larriva says. We will never get it all done, so enjoy where you are. Be in the mystery and take solace knowing that everything is always changing. If you don’t like what you see, bend reality. Create anew.

There has never been another you on the planet. This day has never existed. The constellations have never coalesced the same way they do in this moment.

Be the conscious maker that you are, living on the frontier of what has never been before. Be willing to see things another way. Respond instead of react, fashion your way forward. Participate in your own becoming. Show up, create and emanate the way that only you can.

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Chantal is the Studio Director at Island Bowen Yoga, and is a mama, wife, yogini, nutritionista, writer, cancer survivor, dreamer, and lover of life. Dive into and explore her graceful offers here.

For more exploration & self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The Artist’s Way.




  1. Tanya Markul

    Diving into all of this. Your writing is so graceful, smooth and empowering! Thank you SO much. I’m implementing these tips right now. So much love to you, soul sister! XOXO

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