I Want To Go Back To The Ocean

By Star McGill

I want to go back to the Ocean,
sit on the beach
in cross-legged reverence.

I remember feelings of awe in church.
I painted scenes about it,
of souls rising from human forms in church pew rows,

Each form was a vibrant blue
edged in yellow,
increasing in brightness
until turning into streaks that
reached toward Heaven.

But the Ocean,
it was Her blue I painted,
not fabricated emotions
of comfort driven myths.
I painted Her without realizing.

Her crashing,
moon-tide driven truths
hold more power and honesty
than any church service.

Her salty water
rocked me in the womb,
to the beginning of my creation
She returns me.

I am hundreds of miles away
but I hear Her
calling me back to Her edge.

She is renewal.
Even the sand strips the old
away from my feet
as She forms my new skin.

I am in deep evolution,
so far down its path
that I am scattered.

I must return to my origin,
be birthed from Her waters again.
She will press all my fragments into whole.

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Star McGill

Country town, farming, homeschooling, wild mamma. Always roaming free and learning deep. Often making incredible mistakes and rising from the fires I create. Determined to make each day honest and exuberant, whether it be in pain or peace. Often found dancing under the trees in the moonlight, or standing in the ocean. The love of my family steadies my feet and my heart. A survivor of many things, always on the path of deeper healing and deeper self knowledge.

  1. Tanya Markul

    Loving this, and me, too! XOXO

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