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Unleash Your Inner Freak: It’s Good To Be Weird

By Patricia Biesen

We all have our stories.

My story is that I’m a freak who is too different, too unique and too strange to experience the life I really want to have.

My early childhood was filled with unique challenges. I was hyper-active, ADD, dyslexic, pigeon toed so badly I had to wear special shoes with a bar attached at night to straighten out my feet.

As I grew older I developed very early. I reached adult height at the age of 10. I eventually found out I had a growth disorder called Precocious Adolescence. In many cases a child will develop very early and then stop growing and many of these children actually end up being rather short.

I used to have dreams that I would keep growing and growing and become a gigantic girl.

I felt like I didn’t belong in a child’s world and I certainly didn’t belong in an adult’s world. Surely, I thought, I would fit in by the time I became a real teenager. That didn’t happen either.

“You must be this high to ride.”

 As an adult, I’m different because —

I’m short.
I’m thin.
I’m allergic to at least five things.
I’m an artist.
I eat healthy greens things.
I lift weights.
I have a nose ring and three piercings in each ear.
I have AB- blood.
I’m a Scorpio with a Leo rising and a Gemini moon.
My teeth are pointy like vampire fangs.

At least now that I’m a part of polite adult society, most will use words like distinctive or authentic or striking instead of weird to describe me.

The very things we think are amazing, beautiful and wonderful are well… freakish.

To name a few: blue diamonds, double rainbows, white tigers, four-leaf clovers, blue moons, super moons for that matter — I could go on and on.

Movie Stars are freaks who are admired for their unique features: Elizabeth Taylor’s violet eyes, Audrey Hepburn’s neck, Angelina Jolie’s lips, Cyd Chariss’s legs, and Julia Roberts’ smile.

Being a freak can also mean being the first person to try and do something unconventional or someone with extreme talent: Einstein, Beethoven, Georgia O’Keefe, Tim Burton, John Lennon, Walt Disney, Muhammad Ali, Dr. Seuss, Picasso, Michael Stipe, Iggy Pop . . .

Whenever I get tired of a story, I write a new one.

I’m choosing this as my new definition of a freak:
a person or a situation that is highly magical, valued, talented, revered and adored.

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Patricia Biesen

Patricia Biesen is a graduate of the American Academy of Art and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She's a writer, a health coach and an artist. She's had one eclectic career filled with national art exhibits as well as guest blogs for Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Cancer, ChicagoNow, Conscious Divas, and Rebelle Society to name a few. She has crushes on colors like she does on boys. She's a Scorpio with a Leo Rising and Gemini Moon. Biesen is an owner of AB-blood and some very curly grey hair. She currently resides in Fort Wayne, IN.

  1. Tanya Markul

    I’m all about letting my inner freak SHINE! Thank you, Patricia! XOXO

  2. Patricia Biesen

    Yes! You are welcome Tanya.

  3. Cyd Charisse, not Cyd Chariss.


  4. Kelly, my apologies for the typo. My brain tends to go faster than my typing. I will contact the editor to fix it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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