By Paul (pi) Hoffman HOLY FIRE

Peace On Earth: It Is Our Nature To Come Together

By Paul (pi) Hoffman

Simple words those – peace on earth – but truly our biggest challenge.

As I write this column, mainstream media does not lack for fodder for the millions.

The foibles of politicians are easy and frequent targets and I myself have taken a shot or two at perceived inadequacies I “may” have imagined. From the cracked streets of our largest city to the eavesdropping tendencies of our southern neighbors to the homophobic posturing’s of the leaders of less liberal cultures the available material for a purveyor of words is without limits.

And despite this plethora of material the insignificance of these behaviours pale when measured against the pathos that Mother Nature at will; and in a seemingly increasingly frequent manner dispenses in a random manner. The winds she generates and the Teutonic plates she rattles have the ability to inflict pain beyond any imagining.

But like all mother’s (and Mother Nature is no different) it is I believe the harshest lessons that we grow the most from.

And yet even as the waters of trouble are rising hands are reaching out to help.

The effort, the need and the desire to help is a globally human trait – neighbors helping neighbors. It alone has the power to face Mother Nature; to face whatever destruction she may have wrought; to stand united against all illusory differences and come together.

Mother Nature to this old writer’s way of thinking; by her very fury draws out the very best of humanity.

We need to take this lesson to heart.

In a world inundated through our modern media by distraction upon distraction we need to pause.

Rather we need to look to the triumphs of our humanity. Mother Nature’s tempests clear the illusory differences that media often drapes across our vision.

These troubled times and the storms we sail into are indeed fearsome and test our very mettle.

And yet like all great ships are only known for greatness when they have set sail for the troubled waters and bested them so humanity WILL this writer believes; rise above the petty swells of the egregious politicians of these days. Politicians are to this scribbler’s way of thinking the tragedy of our times. In nearly every political arena the failings manifest themselves.

We will come together because it is our nature to join together when the foe is seemingly united against us. The lessons of Mother Nature teach us we can unite past all perceived differences. We need to take that lesson to our dealings with the politicians that think they can run amok across our lives in swirling winds of indifference.

For every tragic story there is a greater story of triumph. And it is often from the greatest tragedies that our greatest triumphs come.

I believe we will overcome the pathos mother nature and today’s political tsunami’s foist upon us IF we take the lessons of the former and apply it in our strategy to deal with the latter we will indeed find I believe find our peace on earth.

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Paul (pi) Hoffman

A 40 year veteran of the oilfields; a motorcycle rider of more than 50 years; the music of Woodstock still rings in my ears. An occasional drinker of wine - but partial to beers. A single father whispering words of peace to allay the wars of my grandchildren's future. An eager passenger on our great blue watership sailing towards infinity.

  1. Tanya Markul

    Such a POWERFUL, gorgeous message, Paul! Love your articulation and magic! Thank you for being here and sharing this wisdom!

  2. Shannon Grant

    Peace Pi

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