By Nanci Pritchard POETIC JUSTICE

She Would Rather Set Her Hair On Fire Than Listen To Your Lies

By Nanci Pritchard

She is
a feral tautness
beneath your calloused hand,

ready to snap
like a piece of barbed wire
stretched past
it’s limit

or a starving woman
who’s been eating
from a bowlful
of shadows.

You can say nothing
that will soothe her.
She would rather
set her hair on fire

than listen to more
of your lies.

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Nanci Pritchard

Nanci Pritchard is a Workforce Training Specialist (aka teacher), a yoga instructor, and a student in Urban Priestess Mystery School. Nanci wishes to invite you to open your eyes to the magic of the world around you and accept this gift with the openness and transparency of a child. She finds inspiration in people and their heart stories, trees, stones, clouds, lakes, the sun, all phases of the moon, the stars, the wind, the heart and her feet grounding into an earth that is in constant motion.

  1. Kristen Dessange

    Beautiful in it’s powerfulness. Thank you sister.

  2. Powerful Message!

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