By Julie Sichlau HOLY FIRE

Lost In Transformation: From Girl To Goddess & Human To Rainbow Unicorn Warrior

By Julie Sichlau

My world is changing. I find myself walking through doors of opportunities and walls of spiritual endeavours. Lost in a world of transformation, where I allow my heart to be my beaming guide and everyone I meet to be my teachers.

Transforming from an unknown to a knower, from an ego to a seat of Self, from a girl to a goddess and a human to a rainbow unicorn warrior.

Dancing barefoot on the edge of change, bathing in the light of courage, pushed by the sense of fear. I believe in you. You are strong enough to break free from the shadows and move into the light. I dreamt this moment and I feel it present, as I am typing. Full of love and understanding.

Moonchild do your ritual. Hear the howl from the deepest of your being, listen to the song from the nature within and continue to burst with the colours of your truth.

You are a goddess, wild and free. A barefoot spirit wandering the earth full of love, passion and with such a healing heart you are no longer human.

You are energy, you are light, and you recognise your reflection in everyone and everything.

You are the mother and the daughter of the universe. She is you and you are her. Strong, soft, sweet, sensitive and playful.

Let yourself become free of worry, be open for the change that’s already begun, breathe all the way into your core of both darkness and light and let the dreams unfold. We are all united. We are all free. We all share the same moon and the same sun. I just need you to realise that.

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Julie Sichlau

I am a yogini traveller of this beautiful path, a goddess, the spiritual matter of consciousness. Breaking free, being wild is my top priorities. My intentions are deeply founded in the ocean of my heart. Every new moon I let magic unfold and draw stars to set new intentions. I am a sensitive being, avoiding harsh relationships and situations. I don’t back down when I am being pushed but I rarely push you away. I’d do anything to ignite my passion and to express what I believe in, but I do it so subtle, with so much love and ease, you wouldn’t even imagine the message came from me.

  1. So beautiful

    “We are all united. We are all free. We all share the same moon and the same sun. I just need you to realise that”

    it gives me goosebumps!


  2. Tanya Markul

    This is honey. Delicious nectar in the form of words. Thank you, moon sister. So much love to you. Honoured that you are here. XOXOXO

  3. how to even express how I feel right now. understood, even though I am sitting on top of a mountain in Puerto Rico, alone (literally) for the first time in my life. My being is cracked wide open, around my feet lay the debris from the walls that are now destroyed. Thank you!

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