Love Is Better Than Wine

Via The Urban Howl

Bhargav Talukdar is an independent musician with a spirit of spontaneity. Love is better than Wine is his first original single.

It speaks of the moments with a loved one and the longing we go through when we’re not with our most adored. The lyrics of the song are honest and relatable to everyone in its dealing with the universal nature of missing someone.

The Official music video of Love is Better than Wine is made by Kadambari Kashyap. She is an independent film maker and the idea behind this video was to celebrate love and longing.

Bhargav Talukdar 2

Together, Bhargav and Kadambari have covered the Death Cab for Cutie single, I Will Follow You Into the Dark.

Bhargav has also covered the song Colorful, by The Verve Pipe.



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