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Read About This Week’s Crescent Moon Wisdom

By Andrea Maxine Frade

“If one completes the journey to one’s own heart,
one will find oneself in the heart of everyone else.”
~Thomas Keating

Crescent Moon from October 3.

From the darkness of two veils, on either side, the light parts the way ahead. From here you walk alone into a room all your own.

The pathway is illuminated. Your birth rite is bestowed, no longer hidden. You have been revealed. This crescent moon.

With the blessings of newly uncovered gifts you recognise the many heartfelt decisions you have made to move into this place of new understanding.

You may be feeling like some loose ends need to be tied up.

This is the nature of transition. Give yourself time, walk the line of your process and discover yourself along the way. This is the beauty of transformation, each step you take crafts the journey ahead.

Softly lay down what is behind you. Acknowledge how all the ways of love are lifting you higher to show you the view of a new way. This has been a long time coming. Stay true to what you know, for your heart is the architect of your world.

Be kind to yourself in moments of doubt.

The past is past, feelings are powerful but they cannot derail you without your permission. Feelings are great teachers and can guide you to a more enriched experience if you let them.

Be with the foresight you have to let the flow of change carry you forward. There is an immense flow carrying you forward and it is urging you to be more yourself than ever before. Listen and look within these details. You know this rhythm well.

Take time now to bathe in the young light of the crescent moon.

Its light is faint and precious. Enough for the eye to see the presence of your newly born perceptions.

Insight has a beginning place here. At this time it can feel as if our hearts hang in the balance between past and present, keep choosing the you you want to become, allow for that yearning to have resonance in the world.

Take the time now to be with your thoughts, motivations and intentions.

Meditate, journal, go walking in nature, connect with your surroundings and others in pleasurable ways. In this young new light  of you, voice yourself with silent prayer. What will be moved forward from within you will also be the force that guides you forward.

There is not much effort needed at this time only a willingness to pay attention to the subtleties at play. Remember there is something so very gratifying in the space of silence.

For the week ahead take time to nurture yourself.

Slow down and notice how you move through this world. Revel in the sweetness of good company, friends and loved ones. Take hot baths, drink teas, make delicious soups, warm yourself with the spices of Autumn: ginger, cardamom and cinnamon. Find delight in the season of turning inward.

Listen in to the whisperings of your heart, witness the part of you that longs for deep connection. Honour your vulnerability, cradle these tender moments of awakening while harnessing the exquisite beauty of your creative talents with attention and delicacy.

Weave the balance between the inner /\ outer realms.

It is time for integration. Observe the relationship you have with your-Self and see through the lens of reflection.

Learning again from all our partnerships to see the other as mirror, as teacher.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends Moon Spells: How to Use the Phases of the Moon to Get What You Want.



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