By Julia W. Prentice POETIC JUSTICE

Regurgitate Into New Phrases That Fill The Empty Void

By Julia W. Prentice

Sweet As Honey

Do not like the honey
Vanilla dripping sweetness
The rushing high
Too much sugar
Candy coated platitudes
Wrapped in colored icing
So pretty to the palate
Prefer instead the raw
Some bitter brew
Biting edge of
Salt in wound
No smiley face
No upturned mouth
Just grimace and gulp down
Devoured fatty lies
And spewed out vitriol
Or paragraphs wallowing in
Deepest dark depression
Naked coffee grounds
Black pepper pungent
Sprinkled on every feast
Drab gray, greasy, oily
Cold gravy, rancid writings
That suck out tart juice
Pucker mouth
Now dry as dust;
These jagged scribbles
Have an edge
A howl of famine
A feast of meaning
They are the ones
I can read and swallow
Digest and sometimes
Regurgitate into new phrases
That fill the empty void
That rests inside my gut.

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A deeply feeling Cancer, Julia still has poetry from teenage years, when words were her salvation. She lives in California with her soulmate and a current furry companion. Former ASL interpreter, a passionate Peer Supporter of persons with mental health challenges. Knitter, crafter and singer. She writes like breathing: in ragged gasps, mighty shouts, half-voiced whispers. Always she is compelled to write. Finalist for 'The Poet's Billow' Atlantis Award 2015. Published in the "Temptation Anthology", "Where Journeys Meet - The Voice of Women's Poetry" and "Poetry As a Spiritual Practice - Illuminating the Awakened Woman".

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