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Read About This Week’s Moon: You’ll Turn The Leaf You’ve Been Searching For

By Andrea Maxine Frade

At a still point you judge and you wait.
You listen and look.
You weigh the pros and cons.

Hold the space for energy to build. You are filled with a new vision. Excitement abounds.

Follow your heart-centered wish. Fulfillment is yours but watch your tendency to be swept away by the freshness of this passion.

Remember your ground.

We are halfway through this cycle and it is exactly at midpoint we must remain steady and focus on what we want so that we carry this creativity towards its full form.

You are still ripening. Stay in this rhythm.

Know that harmony glistens in the shape of you when wisdom is present.

Listen to the beat of your heart. What is your body is telling you?

Immerse yourself in the new found freedom of your joy. Carry this seed of knowledge close to your heart until it unfurls form within.

Gentle, unassuming and filled with secrets.

This time around you will turn the new leaf you’ve been searching for. It is a significant time of growth for you.

Remember: what emerges from within you is a desire in part of all awareness to become conscious.

Nurture this growth. Be witness to the process. Listen and look. Follow the flow. The full moon is calling.

For more self-study, The Urban Howl recommends The 13 Moon Oracle: A Journey Through the Archtypal Faces of the Divine Feminine.



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