The Art Of Vulnerable: Allow Your Heart To Feel True Pleasure

By Aliza Gerritt

What does it mean to be vulnerable?
Open, wide-open. Exposed. Transparent.

When others choose to: hide, withhold, suppress, repress, reserve, limit and deny,

You, reveal.

Your heart, your soul; your true nature is fully expressed.
You plunge deep into the sea of your tears;

Inviting, encouraging and inspiring others to swim with you.
You are authentic, unapologetic, strong and courageous.

When others surround you: concealed, cloaked and covered;
You stand before them, unarmed, disrobed and celebrated.

Piece by piece, layer by layer, petal by beautiful petal you’ve allowed your highest Self to unfold. You have stripped away all of your disguises;

Baring your sacred soul.
You remember.

You are love;
You love.

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