Song Of The Witch: For Lifetimes I Felt The Pain

By Bridget Luff

For lifetimes I felt the pain.

The betrayal of a body who taught me to love.

The betrayal of a family who dared not look,
as you burned my insides.

For lifetimes I remained in my youth.

Not growing older, not letting myself reveal
the real, the wisdom, the power.

Not sharing how I truly feel.

I am sorry for my silence, his world weeps
in deep regret for my death.

But the sea, the wind, the rain, the moon call to say the pain is the secret to my power. I can no longer keep it quiet, the murmurs, they are getting too much for me to shut down…

Sister, Now is the time to de-robe and show
Who you are and what you carry
You have forgotten your strength
What you think you fear

is not there.

We are crying, begging for your medicine!
Heart whispers turn into wild wails,
Sing your song to us sister, sing your soul.

To heal, we need to heal the wounds of the betrayal. To tread in the dark parts of our psyche, to grieve, to cry, shake, scream and get messy. And from there my dears, from there we free each other, we free the world.

I no longer fear you for what you did, Patriarchy.

As I lift the lid on my anger I only mourn.

Hold my hand again, it has taken me many ions to trust you, but I see deep down beyond my shudders that you still love me. And this love we have melts us, as we gaze into one another all the years vanish, and we are back to that waltz.

Just you and me under the cherry tree.

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Bridget Luff

Bridget is an intuitive yoga teacher and creative storyteller. She is devoted to reclaiming well-being and reconnecting to our inner wild. She encourages people to flow with their instincts and develop deep strength to face life's challenges. After leaving South Africa to pursue a life on the London stage, Bridget discovered yoga, which helped her peel off the masks she was hiding behind. She has a deep love of metaphor and myth and shares modern and ancient stories which explore life's deeper questions. As a mentor, Bridget supports youth outreach work and the growing global yoga community. She offers in-depth workshops and retreats and is a co-facilitator of "The Practices of Leadership and Empowerment" yoga teacher training alongside Leila Sadeghee. Find out more about these and other endeavours here.

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