by Lisa Marguerite Mora POETIC JUSTICE

Release The Reins & Grasp Nothing

By Lisa Marguerite Mora


A little hoof print of a moon, stamped in the night above our heads.
I want to take a photo. Want to preserve it and everything else.
But the orb pulls us this way and that, so I open my hands,
allow threads of the night to move
across my palms and through my fingers.

Release the reins. Grasp nothing.

Embrace it all.

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Lisa Marguerite Mora

Lisa Marguerite Mora has won prizes for poetry and fiction. She conducts workshops and offers literary services at Work published includes Rattle, Literary Mama, Public Poetry Series, California Quarterly, Cultural Weekly, Rebelle Society, The Urban Howl, Serving House Journal, a Blue Mountain Arts Poetry Prize, and in 2017 First Place winner Micro Fiction for Dandelion Press the artwork of Lori Preusch, and the 14th Moon Prize for Writing in a Woman's Voice. Shopping around a first novel, she has caught the attention of top agents. Life Mantra — I think grief changes us and if we've had a lot of it in a short period of time it takes our vitality before it gives it back, because as we learn to walk with the losses, it deepens our experience of life. And I like life, and to write (one novel under my belt and a bunch of poetry) as well as help other writers. My favorite places to do anything is by the ocean, in the woods, or between the pages of a book.

  1. Beautiful poem Lisa! Saying so much in a tiny space.💜

  2. Susan laguna

    Dear Lisa, Will read again & will comment again.
    I love your writing.
    Love susan Laguna ~∆

  3. Wonderful… Thanks! Beautiful moment in a deep pool
    looking at your searching heart looking into ours.

  4. Love it my dear friend !!! Perfect !!

  5. So so beautiful

  6. “A little hoof print of a moon, stamped in the night above our heads.”

    love this line forever.

    A poem that fills life to the brim in a saki glass.


  7. Beautiful! I can feel the moment in your words.

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