By Jessie Zanita Wright SENSUAL HEALING

Wake Up Uncensored & Free: Pull On Your Sundress Even If It’s “Too Short”

By Jessie Zanita Wright

For Our Pleasure Only

I woke up feeling free yesterday.

As if all the shadows of objectifying women had finally been brought to light.

Suddenly that subconscious sensation at the back of my mind about my body being sized up for someone else’s lewd thoughts, I didn’t have. Sensations that I’ve brushed away my whole life.

I realised that an unspoken social constraint often made me feel more comfortable wearing something less flattering, more practical.

Hide my pretty. Hide my curves, my long legs, my sensuality.

But that’s over, because, yesterday, I finally woke up free.

In my soul, I suddenly felt that we women can pull on the playful short dresses, knowing that it’s about our enjoyment, not theirs.

We women can, and will dress, sensually stylish without having certain eyes/minds believing that they hold the upper hand in seeing us as an object, and all of this happened because an orange-haired guy’s lewd “locker room” words finally sparked the most liberating feeling ever:

We, as a people, will not stand for that kind of behaviour any longer.

Beauty belongs to the woman. Beauty is not to be seen as something to power over, and control. Beauty is beauty, never ever to be hidden in the shadows of our fears.

I can be a grown women who still holds onto the power of being a strong-willed, bright-eyed, intelligent, unicorn-loving, magic-believing playful girl who used to love wearing whimsical dresses without any sense of censorship.

I can wake up finally feeling free, as I pull on my favourite blue sundress with white flowers, and no longer worry if it’s too short.

We no longer have to hide our beautiful selves in the shadows of shyness or baggy clothes to avoid that old way of objectifying women.

Yes, world, we women are loving, breathing, gorgeous people who will dress up with sensual styles without ever being an object of sexual expectations ever again because those type of stories are done.

The his-story book of objectifying women has slammed shut.

This story of feeling free is the new one to be lived, loved, and shared.

Your Beauty belongs to you. Always.

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