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{LISTEN} Evoking Potential: Full Interview With Laura Larriva

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In this episode of the Where is My Guru Show with Jessica Durivage, guest and fellow The Urban Howl contributor Laura Larriva encourages us to nurture our relationship with the unknown or as she calls it “the mystery.”

She calls herself a “relationship guide to the mystery” with a central practice in her own life to offer a full body YES to how she shows up in the world.

Laura’s work is deeply anchored in learning, relearning and accepting as a gift that to nurture this relationship with the mystery is to engage with what is emerging in the space of complexity. She encourages us to lean into the questions we have about our lives and see them as a shaping force.

A little sip of the full interview:

Jessica: What’s the status of your relationship with the unknown?

Laura: It’s a legit question you know. We are all living closer than we think to the unknown. Much closer.

The unknown is every single moment beyond the one you are experiencing right now. No matter how organised you are or how many plans you have, how many goals you have set out to achieve – none of us know exactly how life might unfold before us.

Can you lead your life with the whole of your experience while living on the very edge of your own mystery?

Listen to the whole interview FREE here.

Featured image: Cadencia Photography

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  1. Tanya Markul

    This interview is so RICH! Amazing and thank you to both of you. High blessings, sisters! XOXOXOXO

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