Blessed New Moon — Let It Go

By Melina Paris

Let it go and let it be.
The matter that weighs and presses you,
let it go and watch peace come.

Come to witness your walk more upright,
weight released, under Luna’s watchful glow.
Feel assuredness in your steps,
and the rhythms you undulate alongside ocean tides.

Here, be in your once forgotten sureness.

Let it go.

Truth will return, like waves to the shore.

Its absence has only parched your soul.

Forgetfulness only obstructed your path,
with wreckage accumulated between earth and water,  between blood and bone.

Meet truth again, quenching your soul’s desires,
under new moon’s bathing glow.

Let it go.

Whatever made you second guess,
whacking your feelings back and forth
like a battle between gravitational and celestial forces.

Let go of uncertainty,
the burden of what if?

Rest content
as the man perched on the crescent moon.

His re-summoned spirit gives him farther reach
to dip his toes, playing in mother moon’s cool currents below.

Welcome peace, self-compassion.

Acknowledge self-understanding.

You’ve come through the storm.

Bared by Luna.

Now aware.

You’ve arrived,
dowsed in joyous gratitude.

Let it be.

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