Lunar Horoscope With Laura Larriva: Scorpio New Moon & Lunar Samhain

By Laura Larriva

Sunday, October 30th: 10:38 AM PDT

“Someone I loved once
gave me a box full of
darkness. It took me
years to understand
that this, too, was a gift.”
~Mary Oliver

This Sunday the moon enters the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of the shaman, the psychopomp, the witch, the magician, and the sorceress who stands at the crossroads of life and death, the seen and the unseen. Scorpios depth perception enables all of us to slip between the veils of the mundane into the sweet darkness of possibility.

What is hidden exerts power unscrupulously, sometimes dangerously. Without our conscious awareness of that which guides us, we are entrapped in the prison of ignorance. Scorpio is just the sign that can widen the aperture of our perception enough to catch a glimpse of what has been long under lock and key, needed here now.

It is this underworld wanderer that can guide each of us into the hidden domain of shadow, taboo, exile, and secrets. What we may find in shadow may appear at first to be ghoulish, or putrid… long have rotted away in the recesses of consciousness, but do not be afraid. There is a gift that inevitably is revealed when we turn to face the dark that has long held sway over the shape of our lives.

What lives in the shadow is not what we know about ourselves and the world, and do not like, but rather, what we DON’T know about ourselves and the world. Hidden there we’ll find breadcrumbs to soul. Powers and longings that were perhaps not safe to wield early on in our lives, and so were hidden from view. Also in the depths we may discover other, more surprising gifts – like those gifts that come from befriending death, change, and decay.

Death is considered to be the root of all our fears. Every fear, a fear of death. And yet, for those fortunate unlucky ones who had a close brush with death, they soon realize there is nothing like it to inspire living. This new moon is also Lunar Samhain, a Celtic cross quarter day that marked the final harvest, and the Celtic New Year. What the ancient Celtic people understood was that life begins in death, not in birth. It is the distillation of meaning and integration of experience that seeds lifes trajectory.

It is the loss of this essential relationship between life and death that robs our modern world of the fertile darkness and the gifts that live there.

The final harvest is the time to honor deaths gift – the gift of endings, the seasonal exhale, the quiet, inward-turning, meaning making time. Leaves, as they expel their last life-energy in their splendor and display of color, celebrate death in beauty. They, among others, have much to teach us about our fear, and about how to die gracefully.

In this dark new moon time, be with all the benefits of destabilization; all the mysterious, yet alluring whispers from under, that may have something to say about What Matters Most. I wish upon you the merciful surrender of endings, and a moment to sow the seeds of true change. I wish you enchantment and romance with the leaves, the plants, the hibernating animals, and the first rogue snowflakes, that remind you, in all of your magnificence, who you really are.

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