Vast: Begin To Know Who She Is

By Jessamyn Sara Turgesen

Be Vast

these are the words whispered to your soft, eclipsed heart.
which is not to mean “be loud”
or “be quiet”, for that matter.
it doesn’t mean you must shrink into the tightness of a shallow inhale.
it doesn’t even mean you must expand into places you are not yet ready to explore. 
it is a whisper to your wisdom

vast. vast. vast.
it is an affirmation to that solid energy birthed into every cell of your being.
it is the dance of deoxyribonucleic acid carrying the brilliant existence of your sacred humanity.
it is the recognition that there are certain unchangeable things about your creation that usher in honor.
like how your crack your knuckles when you are anxious to spill out the truth held in those gasping, hungry lungs.
how you lick your lips when you dice vegetables in the kitchen, just like your grandma did.
it is to know these things and to begin to love them, without exception. 

“be vast”,  your defiant heart thumps.
which isn’t to say that you must always be unafraid.
or unapologetic. 

or ferocious.
or seen.
or known by anything other than your own gentle, rhythmic breath. 

be vast.
reach into the dark corners of that lost, lonely heart.
search out the reckoning.
don’t quit the truth.
and if you quit.
well then, forgive yourself.
there is always time to forgive. 

forgiving is our finding grace. 

there is always space to seek grace. 

be vast. 

draw boundaries and then let them fall.

lead every fiber of your being into the very center of RIGHT NOW.
offer yourself to the world in the ways you were created to give.
never cease the questioning.
settle your bones into the clarity.
let your heart walk 10,000 miles to find some kind of holy home.
keep shining. keep striving. keep waking up with prayers echoing out of your grand canyon soul.
rise in the middle of a storm with frightening words on your lips that say “you are your own person”.

did you know that

if so, good. 

if not, ok. 

begin to know who she is.

she is:

an unceasing discovery.
a turbulent dust storm of humanity.
a calm intimacy with gazing eyes and the nod of knowing.
a flirtatious giggle within the stretch of anticipation.
a kiss.
a becoming.
a togetherness.
a solitude.
the trust.
be vast, my love.
for truly…

there is nothing else to be.

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